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  • Who is ReglazingGlasses.co.uk

    Our website is an offspring from Visio-Rx.de, a large internet glasses store. Since reglazing is a special activity, we decided to hive off this activity into a separate website and operation. By doing so, we can better serve our customers who want new lenses in their existing frames.

    Since we specialize in reglazing, we are able to offer our customers fabulous prices for an excellent product.

  • Other Services

    Interested in buying a complete new pair of glasses, but not ready to pay optical shop prices? Please visit our parent company's site www.visio-rx.com

    Or do you prefer to first try on different frames, and still pay internet prices? Organize a glasses party and select your favorite frame in the company of friends and family.

    Please visit www.glassesparties.com for more details. Whichever channel you prefer, we will make sure you have a great experience and get a quality pair of glasses at fabulous prices. Save on average 75+ compared to optical shop prices.


  • Advantanges compared to optical stores

    Buying your new lenses online will on average save you 75% or more on your new lenses - without any compromises on quality.

    Select your lenses online, send your glasses to us and we take care of the rest.

  • Savings
    Your savings will be on average 75% or more compared to reglazing at an optical store.
  • Choice

    With our broad array of lenses, you will be able to select the exact lens which you need. 

    Single vision, progressives, bifocals, Transitions, tinted, polarized, unbreakable - we offer it all.

    For progressive user we offer a wide choice of lens types.

  • Reasons to reglaze

    Many situations can make it necessary to put new lenses in your frame: Your prescription changed; lenses scratched; lenses damaged; change your lenses to sunglasses or photochromic. Whatever the reason, we can help.


  • How to order
    After answering the questions on the order page, a recommendation for lenses will appear. Complete your order. Then send your frame to us. After producing and edging the lenses, we will send the glasses back to you.









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