1. Measure your frame & lenses

First your lenses are carefully measured to obtain all required information (Prescription, PD, Fitting Height)

Your frame is traced, to gather precise dimensions.

Next, the lens details are provided to our lab, where production will start. 

2. Clean frame; change nose pads

An ultrasonic cleaning bath will make your frame look like new again.

If your frame has nose pads, we install new silicon ones.

3. Edge and install lenses

When your lenses arrive from our lab, they are edged to the correct shape and mounted in your frame. 

Final quality inspection ensures that all glasses are 100% when they leave our lab.

4. Prepare for shipment

Your glasses are wrapped in a new cleaning cloth and placed in a new protective case.

A handy 3-in-1 tool is added.

Your old lenses are returned as well.

Everything is placed in a box to ensure safe arrival.


5. Ship by DPD

Shipping is done by DPD, which ensures fast delivery and easy tracking of your order.

You will receive an email with tracking details as soon as your glasses leave our lab.  

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