There are 2 principal reasons to consider reglazing:

1. You like your current frame, but it needs new lenses:

- lenses scratched or damaged

- prescription has changed

- got a new pair of glasses and turn the old pair into sunglasses

2. You got a new frame without lenses, but do not want to pay optician store prices for the lenses (it is where these stores generate a large part of their profit).

When changing your lenses, we can take certain measurements from your old pair. Prescription and pupillary distance can be measured, as well as fitting height.

The fitting height is an import measurement (even though not all opticians measure this for single vision lenses). With a new frame, we do not get any lenses to measure.

In that case, it is a good idea to send us a fitting picture. That will provide valuable extra information to ensure that your new lenses are fitted perfectly in a new frame.

See here how to take this picture.